'Smells Like Capitalism' Candle


What does wealth smell like?

Well, we think we've finally bottled it.

Scented with the rich leather of a healthy wallet and and subtle tones of Great British sterling, we've managed to bottle exactly what capitalism smells like.

All profits from the 'Cupiditas' candle will be donated to homeless charities around the UK and in our native Yorkshire, to continue the great work that they've achieved throughout the course of the pandemic.

Inspired by the 'luxury' home fragrance market, instead of using 'rare' essential oils you can part with your hard-earned cash and get a candle that smells just like it.

This candle has a burn time of 30 hours and is made from recycled materials and vegan soy wax.

Want to donate anyway?

Visit Shelter to help support those looking for a home.